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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ABC, 123, I love You

Love has never been a complicated and it was human who like to make thing complicated.

Things just changed. Human work for survive. Everything on Earth has its price. There is always a quote said by people which I don't like but to accept, "Money can buy everything include happiness.". Without money, you have to scratch your head where to find your food, how are you going to pay your credit card statement, your installment for your car and house, and your responsible to support your family, and etc. When troubles come, your life become difficult.

Man or most man seek for their partner just for one objective. Man work so hard not because they want money. They want the money because money made them feel power. Money has become one of the requirement for seeking a partner. When man have the money, they have indirectly become "attractive". And here's the point where when man become "attractive" by most, their objective has achieved which is, Sex. I believe everyone will get excited when they get into this topic. Even when we are in secondary school and learning our Science subject, all students get very excited on this subject and definitely score well in exam with this topic. Not to say man are so sex desire but there are some woman who are worse than man.

What about woman? Woman always claimed themselves are weaker than man but yet like to take advantages from man. When they are out for dating, man are always trying to be gentleman and bare the expenses on the outing and woman has already take this action is mandatory for man. When it reaches to certain topic where woman want to have same treatment to man from the society, they will claim today we are talking about Sex Equality. Why man can but woman cannot? I am not saying woman are not strong and I have friends who are like superwoman to me and I do respect them.

Just to share one case here, a couple who are dating. I believe most teenagers are having sex even when they are dating. Man do everything as lady wish just to made lady fall in love. There are always honey sweet day during dating period which it last about 100 days. But on the moment, girl get laid. That's starting to end of the chapter for the relationship. Girl is not stupid too, before they promise to have sex, they will request man to buy "entrance ticket". What is that? Usually are those gift you should give before man enter lady. Definitely, man will promise her when they are on the bed.

Love is just easier understand than ABC or 123. You are not required to learn it but it just exist as simple as the feel "I love you". That's it and nuff said.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Company Annual Dinner

Well, if you guys are updated with my news, I actually change my job to another IT company named AtoS. But then the main title of this post is just short but I have other things to share with here.

1. I went to gym as usual. I workout hard, I went to shower and I went to sauna. Suddenly one of this uncle who is foreigner came into the sauna room. The sauna room just me and him. He sat down and he took off his towel then become naked !! Ok lo, I maybe I am conservatism person and too traditional to accept a bunch of man being naked in the same room. Few minutes later, his "small brother" got erection !! Wow... he's just proud with his "small brother" maybe. =_= |||

2. I went to steamboat with friend and friend of friend for a dinner. So total there are total of three persons for the steamboat dinner.We were talking with each other using Cantonese and you might not understand the funny part of this. Friend of friend mentioned that I'm very attentive person but she was saying " Your heart very small hor? Are you accountant or what? " =_= |||

Just two stories to share here and back to main title of this post, the company annual dinner!! It is coming this Saturday!!

There are many lucky draw prized more than 200-300!! Damn, nervous and excited about that. I even doubt how will my senior look like as my senior is a girl and with boyish personalities. She always wear jeans and t-shirt for work. Wondering how will she look like at the dinner itself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I gave you all my trust before...

Yet, you have betrayed me...

Get me covered by layers of lies...

I tried hard to forgive...

Still, you made me disappointed over and over again...

I cried...

I cried many times just to release my emotion...

just to release every single drop of tears that made of...

1% of water and 99% of feeling...

Monday, October 3, 2011

King of the Road 2011 - Adidas

I signed up this marathon few months ago which I don't remember when was it? I got my running shirt one day before the marathon and I was told by the staff there to reach at 5AM. (o.O)

SIAO!! I nearly trusted that fellow !!

I reached on 6.40AM on the day and It was just NGAM after I placed my bag into baggage area and get myself warm up for the run.

The run started around 7.10AM. I have not run a 10KM marathon after form 4 or form 5. The last marathon that I run was a 3KM relay run with Shang Shi, Ryui Bynn and etc.

It was very tiring but really really great experience! The feel when you reach the ending point, you just feel so proud of yourself where you compete and win yourself in the run. But during the run, every second, your devil side is convincing you to rest a while or give up before continue.

Yeah, I managed to complete the run within an hour and directly posted and share my success feeling to everyone in Facebook. Hope they can happy for me too. =P

I like the medal, I like the adidas shirt, and I'm super in pain with my legs now on Monday working day. (T.T)

Out with Eileen Gan for K session

Had an appointment with Eileen Gan for K session on last Saturday.


  • Ping Ying is busy with her workshop,
  • Barney is only free after 10.00p.m.
  • Mo Sin is busy with her appointment too.
So, the K session plan GOES ON with two people !!

Damn you, Aunty Eileen... After so long I have not sing K with you... You become such an OLDIES,

I don't even know those old songs that she sang. =_=||||

She's enjoying "Baby One More Time" which I purposely selected for her =P

We are just keep on skipping most of the songs half way when the song is done. I'm still sick with my sorethroat and yet Eileen Gan was just keep on eating and eating and eating. =O

So, never miss photo of the main author of this blog, Ryan =P


full of emotion expression while singing XD

We went to snowflake after one hour of shopping. She spent 80% of my iphone battery just to take photo, edit photo, facebook. Faster go and get ur smart phone la...

I brought her to walk Tokyo Street after dessert while waiting her hubby come and pick her up...

Lastly, our friendship photo..
Like this photo very very much...
It just brought me the same feel that we took in college time...


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